Welcome to a world of Self-Discovery

  • Do you feel life is constrained by choices others make for you?
  • Do you seek the courage to get unstruck?
  • Do you seek clarity on what your highest potential could be?
  • Do you wish that your problems loosen their grip on you?
  • Do you seek to explore what lies beyond your damaged or broken self?
  • Do you seek the joy that comes from caring for your inner world?

Dive in and enjoy what you discover of yourself

About me

I am Aarti, a certified coach based at Mumbai, India.

I call myself a discovery coach because I attained the ability to continually elevate my being only when I embarked on a discovery process – a discovery of self-awareness that would best serve me to lead a fuller and more joyous existence.

Discovery Coach Aarti
Find your fire

My discovery methodology

My mission is support you become self-reliant, confident, fearless and forthcoming in leading your life the way YOU want to.

As a discovery coach, I support you to discover your full potential, express your dreams and desires, seek clarity on your abilities and talents, design workable goals to support you march towards them, support you in overcoming your limiting beliefs, and gain the courage to start acknowledging and delivering to yourself!


Dibyoshnata Talukdar
Dibyoshnata Talukdar Founder of "A Bottle Full of Candies"

Aarti is the person who will simply touch you at the very first meeting. The most beautiful thing about Aarti is that she most grounded, balanced and there is a sense of depth that you experience when you interact with her. As a coach, she really helped me feel more confident about myself and my life goals. She is not just a patient listener but she gives you this space and respect where you feel safe and gets to best express yourself. She would be my go-to coach, whenever I will need someone who can give me a better direction in my pursuits.

Srividya Thyagarajan
Srividya Thyagrajan IT Evangelist

Aarti is very focused and an active listener. She is extremely professional in her interactions. She suggests good ideas after careful listening. She also follows up diligently on any pending homework she has assigned. Best of luck, Aarti, in your budding career as coach. I am sure you will be very successful in this role! Thank you!

Dr. C.D. Natarajan
Dr. C.D. Natarajan Pediatrician

I was very fortunate to have been connecting with Ms Aarti, over the past few months. As a person seeking some psychological support, I benefited immensely by her approach and suggestions. She displayed enormous patience in listening to me and in understanding my problems. This facet of her approach will go a long way in instilling confidence and trust in any client. Her pleasant demeanor in offering her solutions and the practicality of her advice, given with sincerity are traits which will endear her to any soul in distress. Her suggestions given with persuasive kindness, rather than a rigid strictness makes them easy to follow. Her clients are sure to emerge from her sessions with courage, conviction and confidence instilled in them. I was privileged to have met a person with the capability of providing so much support and happiness to those seeking her coaching. I wish her all the best in her chosen profession.

Shobita Raghu
Shobita Raghu Life Coach

I was constantly overwhelmed with the amount of work I needed to complete, which resulted in a lack of focus and raised self-doubt. I approached Aarti for help and guidance. My sessions with Aarti were deep, impactful and invigorating. Aarti is an excellent listener, and her way of coaching is thought-provoking. Aarti has this impressive way of conducting the sessions where she knocks you with questions that persuade you to reframe your definitions and beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. When you go deep and analyse, you discover the solutions to your problems. Aarti elevates your energy by positive talk and makes an effort to acknowledge the progress you make week after week, which is motivating and encouraging. Also, I applaud Aarti’s dedication for following up with the accountabilities set during the week, which keeps you on track and builds consistency, a critical aspect of our lives. I feel very optimistic, focused and empowered after my coaching with Aarti. I wish Aarti good luck in her coaching career. I am sure she will add value to more people through her impactful coaching.

Kanika Khanna
Kanika Khanna

I would highly recommend Aarti. Aarti’s timely help to me was very effective & most valuable in determining my steps in the direction I knew I had to take, but, had kept shying away from. I’m so grateful to Aarti for the support and care that she had extended… Thank you Aarti!

Shruti Anand
Shruti Anand Entrepreneur & Coach

Aarti is a charismatic personality who can influence descendants for generations. She is grounded, insightful, and intuitive has the ability to simplify and get to the core of what is holding a person back and provides you with practical guidance. Her methodology has lead me to some of the major insights about my journey of personal growth which has helped me take actions that have created a lasting and meaningful change in my life. I am grateful to God we crossed the path in this lifetime. Lots of love, Shruti ❤❤❤

Ritika Aggarwal
Ritika Aggarwal Relationship Coach

It was lovely meeting this wonderful soul Aarti. She is such a giving person. She is so passionate about whatever she does. Also, she has a beautiful and caring heart whenever she finds someone needs help and guidance, she is there for them and gives her 100%. The sense of responsibility she has is supremely amazing plus her smile always wins my heart. I am so sure that she will do wonders for her clients. All the very best to you di, the mission you have in your eyes is something that words really needs right now. Last thing I would say is you are perfect example of an IRON LADY. Lots of success and love to you!

Sujitha Entrepreneur & Founder of "Sculpt Your Dreams"

Aarti has initially helped me to explore myself by giving lots of confidence and courage. And the way she lead the sessions was very compassionate. It helps me to fix my goals and helped me to focus on my future. Her kind words and smiling face is another gift. She is more friendly to communicate.

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